The Homeschool Mother's Journal

In my life this week… We cleaned, cleaned and cleaned some more! Since the movers came and got all of our stuff the week before, I have been a scrubbing madwoman – trying to prep our house for future renters. Man, the amount of dirt and dust monsters (no cute little dust bunnies here!) that moving kicked up. And we’re pretty darn clean people – but our house was NARSTY NASTY. Saturday we moved our ourselves and will spend the next week or so staying with my parents. I’ve still got to go back and scrub the pantry and the fridge, which I couldn’t do until we cleaned our own stuff out. And if I didn’t hate it before, I officially hate cleaning now. But as soon as we get a renter, it will ALL be worth it.

In our homeschool this week…  We are officially in moving mode, even with school! I’ve literally pared down our school stuff to the basic necessities, which still takes up too much space. I kept only the units we are doing right now, and the movers are going to deliver all of our 1st grade curriculum and preschool activity boxes to the hotel in Washington, DC after we arrive. That was a MAJOR answer to prayer because there was no way we were going to fit it all in the car for the drive!

So, we moved homeschool to the dining room table, which I’ve decided I HATE. It’s very hard for my two girls to keep their fidgets to a minimum at the dining room table and there are too many easy distractions here. And I just don’t like the messiness of school right in the main part of the house. I like being able to eat at my dining room table, etc. I know that’s not always realistic depending on what our (and anyone reading this, of course) living situation is at that moment. So I will deal. I’m just glad it’s temporary.

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share… Magnet letters! Those cheap little fridge magnet letters! My preschooler discovered my magnet letters (well, actually, I threw them her way in a fit of desperation to get her occupied while trying to do math with the older one) and they are AWESOME. And bless her overly analytical, OCD-tendency heart! She couldn’t be satisfied with just putting them on the fridge, but “organized” them over and over and over and over. First in lines across the fridge, then by color, then matched letters together, you name it. And ALL-ON-HER-OWN.  They kept her occupied for a full 1/2 hour at a time, and since I was trying to clean while doing homeschool, those were the best $3 I spent at the dollar store! (I got 3 packs.)

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing… This upcoming week, we’re going to try to squeeze in some field trips! In addition to library story time this week, the Alabama Delta Resource Center, 5 Rivers, also has a story/craft time which I really want to do with the girls. (Counts as science! Wahoo!) Plus, there is a Mardi Gras Parade next weekend, Upward cheerleading.

What’s working/not working for us… The girls are getting tired of our current schoolwork, which is, admittedly, a bit redundant because the worksheets/activities are very similar for each letter unit. I am very glad we are on our last letter of the alphabet! We will have a small break during our drive to DC and getting set up there, then we’ll start the 1st grade curriculum. But before we go, we’re going to have TOTAL fun doing a Valentine’s Day unit – focusing on how much God loves us and sharing that love with others!

Things I’m working on… Well, thankfully, I am no longer dealing with packing. Now I’m just dealing with getting our place ready for renters and rented.

I’m reading… I just finished reading One Thousand Gifts and promptly turned around and started reading it again. It is just that GOOD.

I’m cooking… Oh, funny cooking story. I had put in oven cleaner in and then forgot. Well, the next day my hubbie decided to make dinner for me. About five minutes later, our kitchen was filled with smoke! Oops. I got taken out to dinner instead! 🙂

I’m praying for… I’m really praying for direction and leading from God.

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