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Recently, I had a work project that I couldn’t delay any longer, but I didn’t want the girls to get behind school, either. Which is when I remembered we hadn’t pulled out Peter and the Wolf yet!

First up, we watched the old Disney cartoon set to the music. Man, I did not remember it being that scary, but it actually freaked my youngest that is 4 1/2 years old. She didn’t last but a few minutes, instead she preferred to listen to the recording on its own.

Then, while they were listening to the recording, I found these fabulous resources online to color:

Peter and the Wolf Color Matching Page

Princeton Symphony Orchestra- Peter and the Wolf Lesson

And then, of course, I made copies of the right instruments out of this book.


Stapled the completed pages together to make a cute little book, and voila! Music appreciation unit lesson done!

Oh, and this is how my youngest greeted the babysitter at the door later that day. She really deserves a raise, I think.