I need to preface this post first. First of all, I am not a lawyer. I do not even play one on TV. I did take a “Women in Law” course at college, though, which was one of my most interesting courses in all my years at NYU. That, however does not mean in anyway that I have any right to be giving legal advice.

So, what I’m writing now, is my complete personal opinion. I’m sure my arguments have lots of holes in the facts, and bias, and even possible conjecture. In my defense to this, I say, I just had minor sinus surgery today and because of the meds I took to sleep then, I am now wide awake in the night and can’t sleep. So, yeah, take my rant with a grain of salt.

Which I would want you to anyway. Don’t wait for me, a BLOGGER of all people, to look up the legal precedents, case information, and relevant news articles FOR YOU. Yes, I have read several articles and other information on the case. But I am sure there are many people out there much more informed than I. Please do your research and make your own opinion. I’m just writing from my gut and my heart.

If you want a place to start, here is information from the HSLDA. Very reputable organization. And though I don’t want to start a “this newspaper says that vs another” debate, here is another articulate article. You’ll find many more just by running an internet search.

But this is MY blog, and therefore my soapbox. So I’m getting up on it.


Please check out this Petition.

Immediate Action Requested for Romeikes—Grant Permanent Legal Status to Persecuted German Homeschool Family

Please, even if you don’t homeschool, even if you don’t agree with their beliefs, even if you are not a parent, please read and sign this petition. This family is, in effect, fleeing religious persecution. A tenet our country was FOUNDED ON. They are also fleeing a government that is saying they aren’t allowed to raise their children the way they want – i.e. PARENT THEIR OWN CHILDREN. They’re not bad people; they are not bad parents, and they’re not even bad at homeschooling (apparently, the children are well educated and socialized, blah blah blah). They could have their children taken away from them PERMANENTLY just because they feel homeschooling is the best decision for their children, if they are forced to return.

AND, yes, this would create legal precedent (to me, at least, in my armchair lawyer status). Our rights to parent our children the way we see fit in this country would be valid forever, because a lawyer would always be able to stand up in court and say, the President protected the rights of these parents. Heck, if I was a real lawyer, I would.

Because really, where would this end? Not just the right to send your kids to the school YOU want them to attend or educate them the way YOU want to. Really. I could see this taken to a very far extreme if something were to happen. Like, say, it did in Germany many many years ago. When a certain political party gained office and started making laws. Like, one saying all children were required to be educated the way the GOVT saw fit. Which led to indoctrination of certain biases and opinions and also led to certain children of certain religious and racial groups not being allowed to go to certain schools. And was followed by many many many other atrocities. You know what I’m talking about. And that is the same law that these parents would be prosecuted under now.

I am not being a crazy political weirdo here. Honestly. I’ve not prepared for Armageddon in basement, and I’m not against the US Government. Heck, they pay hubby’s paycheck and for that I thank all of you for paying your taxes!

I’m just saying, we AS THE PEOPLE, need to make sure we understand and appreciate those rights to the fullest extent of the law. And we need to SPEAK UP, as is our right. Even if that is not a right we personally take part in ourselves. Because we have seen, history has shown us, what happens when the GOVERNMENT chooses the rights.

WE are the PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE. This is who our country is.

So, tell those who have the “power” what we the people really want. Freedom for this family, and the precedent that our rights actually mean something.


Soapbox over.